Beautiful Burger Buns: Rainbow buns served for pride month at Bad Burger

Photo: Courtesy of Bad Burger Bangkok

Just in time for pride month, you can show your support for the LGBT+ community while enjoying a good burger at the same time by requesting rainbow buns at Bad Burger Bangkok.

The burger joint run by Chef Poupée, who gained fame on the burger scene back when she ran a stall at On Nut Market, is serving rainbow buns until the end of the month.

According to Poupée, the rainbow buns are colored with standard food coloring…as well as a touch of unicorn milk and edible glitter.

Because Chef Poupée and her brother are both part of LGBT+ community, the Thai chef wanted to be a part of the pride celebration.

You can order any burger and request for the rainbow buns for free. Limited portion of about 20 buns are available per day.

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