A visual story of Benihana’s extraordinary teppanyaki experience


If unforgettable food, charming chefs and a vibrant ambiance is what you want from your next meal, then we have just the place. Benihana The Japanese Steakhouse at AVANI Atrium Bangkok is where entertainment meets culinary arts.

Before embarking on your teppanyaki journey get your palate in the mood with a fresh sashimi platter of Japanese-sourced red snapper, hamachi and succulent sweet scallops. And don’t skip the drinks menu! The Benihana Punch and Mojito are two fruity (and potent) potions that pair perfectly with teppanyaki delights.

Perhaps you’ll indulge in a big bowl of Unadon? This rice bowl features a generous portion of marinated grilled eel topped with Japanese teriyaki sauce. We recommend sharing this family style. Sharing is caring, after all!

Next up: the Hamachi Beach sushi roll. This roll has a lot going on, and we’re totally fine with that. A thin layer of sushi rice wraps around crunchy prawn tempura, fresh kaiware sprouts and a creamy slice of avocado. The whole thing is wrapped with fresh hamachi, topped with ikura and sprinkled with a tempting handful of tempura flakes and fried noodles. Yuzu sauce, rayu sauce, and teriyaki sauce provide the final, poetic touch.

Time to meet your chef – he’ll be the one flashing all the sharp looking knives and giant spatulas. He looks tough but by the time he gets to the heart-shaped fried rice, you’ll realize he’s just a big food-loving softy. Watch as he puts his own “spin” on the dishes.

The traditional Hibachi meal starts with the umami flavor of Benihana’s customary onion and eringii mushroom soup. The signature salad is crispy and fresh with a zesty Japanese ginger dressing.

Next up, the famous Hibachi Vegetables, grilled onion and zucchini in something we like to refer to as the onion volcano of doom. This is followed by succulent grilled tiger prawns and a heaping bowl of garlic fried rice.

Eating Hibachi Rice almost makes us want to give up regular rice all together. (Gasp!) Maybe it’s the fact that this rice doubles as an expression of love between chef, food and customer. (Love you too, Chef!) or maybe it’s because of that sizzling egg, which is strangely satisfying to watch.

Or maybe it’s the little chunks of veggies, intensely flavorful garlic butter, salty kick of soy sauce, or balanced mix of sesame seeds, salt, and pepper. Who know?

While we have to hand it to the chefs’ and their theatrical cooking performance, the food is truly the star of the show. This is especially evident when Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef A5 Grade Rib Eye makes an appearance. Sure, the name is a mouthful, but so is each bite of this steak – a magical mouthful of beefy pleasure, to be exact.

The chef slices the beef with his sharpest blade – important to keep the delicate marbling intact. Each bite is superbly tender and richly flavorful. The combination of intricate marbling and lean meat make Saga Beef extra juicy.

Saga Beef is recognized as one of the best brands in Japan, right up there with Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef. It’s a regional agricultural specialty of Saga Prefecture which boasts a mild climate.

Ensuring the high quality of each cut of Saga beef starts all the way on the farm, where breeding cattle are bought in and raised with the utmost care and attention. Special technology even guarantees the cow suffers zero stress.

If beef isn’t really your cup of green tea then you’re seriously missing out. But we have to admit Benihana’s other offerings, like Lamb Chops Teppanyaki (180g of tender, juicy grilled lamb) will make up for your loss.

Life’s too short for boring food, so book a table at Benihana the Japanese Steakhouse, located on the 2nd floor of Avani Atrium Bangkok, today.

Benihana is open daily from 6pm-10:30pm. Weekend brunch is every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-3pm.

To book a table call 02-718-2000, email benihana.vatr@avanihotels.com or get in touch through the Benihana at AVANI Atrium Facebook page.

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