6 hearty dishes that will warm your soul during Bangkok’s cool season

Every year we look forward to one thing, the 5-10 degree drop in temperature that happens around December and lasts for a few glorious weeks. Over a month if we’re lucky!

“Winter” here in the City of Angels also signals a few changes to our city lifestyle. Funky beanies and stylish scarves are fished from the back of closets (for our pets, of course), we’re much more likely to walk around outdoors (for a few minutes at least), we don sweaters and jackets (it’s our only chance to look cute in layers, people!) and we order red wine (hold the refrigeration, garcon!).

In honor of Bangkok’s cool season we’ve compiled a delicious list of must-eat dishes that pair perfectly with the drop in temperature. Oh, who are we kidding, these dishes are amazing all year round!


Braised Beef Short Rib

Lucca’s generous plates of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine hit the spot for Bangkokians-in-the-know. The head chef’s favorite of which is the tender, juicy Braised Beef Short Rib, and we can see why. Premium Australian beef is braised for over three hours and served with an indulgent dollop of mashed potato, parsley-sprinkled capsicum and deep-fried crunchy leaks. This meaty main celebrates Mediterranean flavors with a little spice and rich, fragrant herbs.

Lucca is located in a mostly residential area about halfway between Ekamai and On Nut. This is part of the reason that coming here feels like going out for a big Italian family dinner. The homey atmosphere extends to the outdoor seating, where you can even bring pets (they’re part of the family too, after all).

Fresh, high quality ingredients like peppery rocket and earthy abalone mushroom come straight from Lucca’s own organic farm in Sampran, Nakhon Pathom. It’s not Italian without pasta, and Lucca does pasta right. It is all hand made right there at the restaurant, including the ravioli, potato gnocchi and tagliatelle.

Enjoy it at: Lucca, 108/4 Soi Sukhumvit 65


Crispy Skin Brick Chicken

You might have heard the buzz about this casual Aussie-inspired eatery in Sukhumvit Soi 38. Word on the soi is that this is the place to be for weekend brunch. But we love the ambiance during dinner hours as well. With the rustic charm of Australian dining and multiple cozy corners to cuddle up in, Toby’s has an authenticity that keeps people coming back. And that authenticity extends to the food.

While regulars have already fallen in love with brunch staples like Avocado Toast and Skillet Baked Eggs, we have to recommend the Crispy Skin Brick Chicken. The unique dish is served straight from the oven in a cast iron skillet. The deboned chicken is marinated in lemon zest and a delicate mix of spices before being pressed flat with a heavy brick. Intriguing, right?

Pressing the chicken makes it extra juicy and succulent when grilled. The dish comes with a rich, savory gravy and a generous side of roast vegetables, topped with crunchy garlic and onions for a perfect blend of textures and tastes. Satisfying, rich and meaty, it’s perfect to share with friends or family. Or indulge all on your own, we’re not judging.

Enjoy it at: Toby’s, 75 Soi Sukhumvit 38


Wood Fire Roasted Sirin Farm Chicken

Italics, is a home-style Italian restaurant on Soi Ruamrudee with a food philosophy that balances the historic and the contemporary. The eatery’s classic name is inspired by 16th century Italian writing, but even with this nod to the past, Chef Kip is always pushing the boundaries of contemporary Italian cuisine. A quick read through their menu and you’ll see Italics is deconstructing and re-imagining Italy’s iconic dishes.

Chef Kip’s emphasis is on freshness and flavor with a distinct homemade quality. A great example of this is the Wood Fire Roasted Sirin Farm Chicken. It’s a sophisticated chicken dish that feels like it was made by your grandma, if she was a little old Italian grandma from Rome!

The locally sourced chicken is slow-cooked in a wood fire oven until the skin is crispy and crackling and the meat is juicy and tender. The chicken is served on the bone to retain maximum flavor, alongside a refreshing green salad for a nice, fresh contrast. Thai palates will rejoice at the bold flavor of the tamarind emulsion and smoked paprika sauce.

Pair this dish with white wine from Italics’ extensive wine selection, and dinner is served!

Enjoy it at: Italics, 63/3 Soi Ruamruedee


Rib-Eye Taco Kit

We’re a nation of beef lovers. We dip it in Isaan spices, make it into burgers and slice it into bowls of kuay tiew. But one of the best ways to enjoy steak is in Mexican food. Yes, Mexican is way more than cheesy nachos. (Although we love those too!) Mexican cuisine is full of bold tastes, lots of spice, fresh produce and zesty flavors. And this is exactly what Mejico’s Rib-Eye Taco Kit is all about.

Mejico’s take on steak is a modern nod to traditional Mexican food. A premium cut of beef is seasoned, seared and grilled to a perfect medium rare then sliced into tender strips, keeping in all that juicy deliciousness. The steak comes with everything you need to build your own perfect taco – caramelized onions, charred veggies, creamy guacamole and fresh baked tortillas. A perfect meal during the cool season!

You can expect exotic raw ingredients imported from Mexico, coupled with fresh produce from Chiang Mai’s royal project. Watch the chefs sizzle and dice in an open kitchen and enjoy tableside service – order the signature guacamole for a front row seat to Mejico’s culinary methods.

Top off your meal with a sip of truly great tequila. (It’s the end of the year, you deserve it!) Mejico carries over 200 choices of 100% blue agave tequila, the largest selection of its kind in Bangkok – which, we hear, pair very nicely with steak.

Enjoy it at: Mejico, Groove CentralWorld.


Pigeon Liver Pate

Enoteca is an authentic gourmet Italian restaurant, tucked away from the buzz of Bangkok in a beautiful house surrounded by a leafy garden. Enoteca literally means “wine library” and we couldn’t picture a better place to sit back and sip a sauvignon blanc.

Order Enoteca’s signature Pigeon Liver Pate for a real gourmet experience. The different flavors and textures will elevate your palate, and basically blow your mind. This is fine dining, Italian style: approachable, cozy, yet refined and very classy.

The pigeon liver is served as a delicate mousse on top of grilled brioche and sprinkled with a dash of tart, yet sweet, strawberry powder. A rainbow colored mix of baby beetroot and edible flowers completes the dish.

The inspiration behind this dish is from the Italian Pedemonts tradition, which hails from Head Chef Stefano Borra’s own hometown of Turin, a city in northwest Italy. Chef Stefano blends the traditional flavors of Italy with modern plating and flavor combinations.

Enoteca is known for modern, creative dishes that draw on a traditional culinary foundation. Each dish is expertly prepared and visually stunning with intense flavors – just the way Bangkok likes its Italian food.

Enjoy it at: Enoteca Italiana, 39 Soi Sukhumvit 27


Jones the Grocer Burger

Everyone craves a good burger now and then. It’s one of those classic meals that transcend the boundaries of space, time and hunger. And this season the burger that everyone wants a bite of is at Jones the Grocer.

Jones the Grocer brings the fresh flavors of Sydney, Australia to Bangkok. And that Australian attitude – laid back, yet attentive to detail and obsessed with high quality – really shines in their burger.

We’re happy to report that Jones isn’t trying overly hard to impress. They’re simply building a delicious burger out of fresh, top-notch ingredients – and the result is even greater than the sum of its parts. But what delicious parts they are!

The burger bun is a soft house made bun, grilled for a bit of crisp

iness. Next comes a premium 100% Australian wagyu beef patty, a couple strips of crunchy bacon, melted Swiss cheese, truffle mayonnaise, pickles, yellow mustard and caramelized onions.

Burger lovers will appreciate the generous size, the great sear on the beef and the satisfying combination of flavors in each and every bite. So, next time you have a burger craving, don’t fight it, you have our permission to give in!

Enjoy it at: Jones the Grocer, EmQuartier.

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