2022’s worst food crime has already hit Bangkok: ramen floats

A ramen float by Franken restaurant in Japan, at left, and the same item posted by @Reviewshoplaz on Twitter, at right.
A ramen float by Franken restaurant in Japan, at left, and the same item posted by @Reviewshoplaz on Twitter, at right.

It’s time to chase down all that bubble tea pizza and beer ramen with the newest offensive food fad to hit social media.

Enter, vanilla ice cream floating in a sea of spicy soup. 

It all started this past weekend when someone tweeted a call to action accompanied by photos of a KFC soft serve cone floating in a bowl of Hachiban Ramen. 

“It’s delicious. Adds creaminess to the spicy soup because of the milk, you know.” 

Fast-food chain Burger King today did not hesitate and jumped on the soggy-coned trend with a plug for its soft serve

“Here comes an ice cream cone with a rich, sweet, creamy, smooth and soft vanilla flavor, accompanied by crunchy wafer cones! Whichever ramen you are going to put in it, it’s going to be delicious for sure!” the ad declared.

The fast-food chain makes clear that while it will sell the ice cream, customers will have to acquire their spicy ramen noodles elsewhere. 

What seems like Thailand just being weird might have started days ago with the people who brought the world owl cafes and vending machine underwear – the Japanese.

In recent days, a restaurant in Osaka called Franken has promoted ramen floats, which can be traced back through the internet fossil record to around 2010 at a ramen shop near Tokyo’s Kitasenjyu Station.


It then made a sweet and sour splash in the kingdom nine years ago when a Pantipper named Slider Man shared his 2013 experiments with adding a McDonald’s Vanilla Sundae to a bowl of instant noodles.

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