Woman warns travelers of possible burglary trick at Yangon International Airport

A post detailing an alleged theft at the new international airport has been shared several times on the Myanmar Facebook scene. The post was originally uploaded by user Nang Su War, who wanted to warn other travelers so that they don’t suffer the same fate as her.

Last week, Nang Su War flew into Yangon from Singapore, arriving at the new international terminal T1 at 9:13 am. Her friend came to pick her up inside the arrivals terminals, and together they headed out to the platform around 10:15 am.

Her friend had asked the taxi she’d taken to the airport to stay there, so the two women waited for the car to circle back to the gate.

When the taxi pulled up, they started loading their bags off the trolley and into the car. Nang Su War picked up the biggest suitcase and her friend grabbed a carry-on bag.

Then out of nowhere, a man ran over and attempted to help lift the suitcase that was in Nang Su War’s hands. She told him, ‘Don’t grab it, I can do it myself,’ and he left.

“This kind of thing often happens at airports, so I thought nothing of it,” she wrote.

The two women kept loading the rest of the bags onto the taxi, but then another man came over and also tried to help them out.

‘I remember that unlike the first man who tried to help me carry the bag in my hand, this second man picked up the bag that was on the floor. My friend and I also told the second man that we didn’t need his help,’ Nang Su War recalled.

Afterwards, they went to her friend’s house where Nang Su War was going to stay. After unloading their bags at the house, they decided to head downtown in that same taxi.

That was when she realized what had happened.

“I had an itch on my wrist and when I looked at it, the bracelet that I always wear was missing. Because I hadn’t switched taxis all day, I searched in the car, but it hadn’t fallen off there.”

“When I mentally retraced my steps, I realized that the most likely scenario was that that first man had taken it off my wrist. I didn’t bump into anyone inside the airport so I know it couldn’t have fallen off then.”

Although Nang Su War returned to the airport — it was around 2 pm by this point — and reported the incident to the authorities, there was nothing they could do. However, she asked them to still look into it, and publicly posted her story online so that other travelers wouldn’t fall victim to the same trick.

She wrote, “What happened is horrible. I’d only landed and taken 10 steps into Myanmar and I got robbed. If this had happened to a foreigner, our country’s reputation would have been damaged.”

While most commenters offered sympathy towards Nang Su War for the loss of her bracelet, some pointed out that she needed more evidence before accusing the man.

“She can’t say for sure that it was the two men who stole her bracelet. She doesn’t know exactly when it got lost. Maybe it got caught while she was loading her suitcases and fell off. Isn’t it possible it just fell off somewhere?” wrote one user.

Another user said, “There are lots of places where you could’ve lost your bracelet — in Singapore, at the Singapore airport, on the plane, at the Yangon airport. You can’t accuse these two men without knowing for sure and without giving them a chance to defend themselves. However, I feel like you think little of our country, which is an attitude you need to work on.”

Regardless of what really happened to the bracelet, the last commenter does speak some truth. Ploys like this — if that was indeed what happened — take place in every country, not just Myanmar. Let’s agree that in general, everyone should be extra careful at airports and keep a close eye on our valuables — just like those darn announcements remind us every five minutes.

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