VIRAL: White ladies doing Thingyan dance win Myanmar netizens’ approval

Large groups of ladies performing well-rehearsed dance routines is a favorite Thingyan tradition, but if there is one thing Myanmar people love more than their traditions, it is seeing Westerners participate in it.

A video of a troupe of “foreigners” performing a Thingyan dance in traditional Myanmar dress has gone viral, racking up almost 30,000 shares in a week.

The original video, uploaded by to a YouTube channel that seems to be exclusively for videos of the 2015 Thingyan celebrations held at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, has less than 7,000 views. The video has found a  new life on Facebook among Myanmar people, who are notorious for accessing the internet almost exclusively through Facebook.

There doesn’t seem to be much information about who these ladies are or why there was a Thingyan celebration in Russia. But just the spectacle itself has won Myanmar netizens’ applause. Here what some of them said about the display of cultural appreciation:

Are we sure they aren’t Myanmar? Many modern Myanmar people don’t dance like that anymore. It’s only when people value their birthplace that they maintain the tradition of these dances.
Even though they aren’t dancing correctly, it is fun to watch. It looked beautiful because I watched with great joy due to the fact that these outsiders put such efforts into learning my culture.

What do you think of the dance?

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