VIDEO: Police swarm anti-war protester outside Yangon city hall

An anti-war protester is arrested outside Yangon’s city hall on Sept. 27, 2018. Source: Twitter / FreeKachin

On Friday, a protester calling for Myanmar’s military leaders to be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court was arrested outside Yangon’s city hall.

A video released on Twitter that day shows several police officers rushing to silence and detain the protester, who is a member of the Movement for Democracy Current Forces (MDCF).

Almost exactly a month earlier, the organization’s director was arrested for holding an identical solo protest and charged under Section 505(b) of Myanmar’s penal code, which prohibits the dissemination of information that could disrupt public tranquility.

He had been carrying a sign that said: “UN and ICC — come quick and arrest Myanmar’s murderous generals.”

After the previous protest, a spokesperson for the National League for Democracy, Myanmar’s ruling party defended the arrest, arguing that people who want to criticize the military should contact the media rather than protesting in public.

“Protests in front of the city hall make me suspicious,” said Myo Nyunt, the spokesperson.

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