Skateboarding group beat up by 20-strong mob in skate park

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Five teenagers were beat up by a mob of about 20 people at the skate park under the Hledan flyover over the weekend, police confirm.

The incident took place around 4pm on Sunday evening. The five boys were practicing with their skateboards when the mob attacked them. While the majority of the attackers got away, the skateboarders were able to apprehend one of them, a teenager, until the police arrived.

Upon interrogation, the assailant revealed that the attack was spearheaded by one man who was holding a grudge against the skateboarders.

“Two friends and I were going to see a film, but we didn’t make it in time before the movie started so we ended up at Hledan Center instead. We ran into an acquaintance who said that those skater guys picked a fight with him yesterday. He said he was going to beat them up and told us to come along. There were about 20 people in total. I don’t know who the others were,” said the detained 18-year-old, as quoted by 7Day.

While three of the skateboarders only sustained minor cuts and bruises, the other two are being tested by a neurologist after sustaining injuries to their head and face, Lwin Latt, the president of the Myanmar Skate Federation told 7Day.

 “We can only open a case if [one of them] needs to be medicalized so we haven’t opened a case yet,” explained Lwin Latt.

“These kids regularly get beaten up. Even if we report it to the police, they don’t do anything unless it’s a serious injury.

“Yesterday, one of the [skateboarders] got into an argument with someone so we stepped in and resolved it. We don’t know yet if it was the same person.”

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