Police: Death of administrative officer found hanged now being treated as a murder

Illustration. Photo: Flickr / Fraser Mummery
Illustration. Photo: Flickr / Fraser Mummery

The death of a civil service administrative officer who was found hanged inside the Tamwe Township Administrative Office is now being treated as a murder following the release of the official medical report, according to police.

The man’s body was first discovered around 10am on March 15. The deceased resided in a dorm located behind the office. He was still alive at 8am that morning, when he talked to some colleagues on the phone. When he wasn’t in the office by 10am, a few of them went to check in on him, which was when they found him hanging by a pa soe from a beam in his bedroom’s doorway.

Although initially thought to be a suicide, the newly released medical exam revealed that the victim suffered wounds to his head, neck, and stomach. The official cause of death was determined as ‘pressure to the neck.’

“After receiving the police surgeon’s report, the charges have been changed to murder… We’re currently carrying out an investigation to catch the culprit,” an officer from the Tamwe Police Station confirmed to Eleven yesterday.

Police identified the deceased as a 35-year-old second officer who worked at the administrative office. According to colleagues, he was well-liked and got along with everyone.

When news of his death first spread, there were rumors on social media that the deceased played a role in tracking down and arresting Zeyar Phyo, one of the suspects in the murder of NLD legal advisor Ko Ni. However, these rumors remain unconfirmed, as police have declined to provide an official comment.

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