Myanmar soldier arrested after allegedly raping, robbing, and mutilating 70-year-old woman

Photo: Shan Herald Agency for News

A Myanmar soldier has been arrested in Monghpyauk Township, Shan State, after allegedly raping a 70-year-old woman and mutilating her ears in order to steal her gold earrings.

“The grandmother was returning from the plantation. She was robbed near the golf course. [The suspect] is a soldier from a nearby military base. His name is Private Nay Myo Thu. He is currently being detained in at the Monghpyauk jail. The grandmother is receiving medical treatment at the hospital,” a local resident named Sai Kham told the Shan Herald.

Tachileik Online News has reported that Private Nay Myo Thu allegedly choked the victim and struck her head with a knife he took from her satchel. He then allegedly dragged her body behind a bush while she was unconscious and cut both her ears to take the earrings. However, he allegedly left one earring near the woman’s unconscious body.

Charges were filed against Private Nay Myo Thu at the Monghpyauk police station by officials from a nearby military hospital. The soldier faces charges under the Penal Code’s Section 394 (Voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery) and Section 326 (Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means).

It is unclear why the charges did not include rape.

According to local political party members, rumors have been circulating in the area claiming that the soldier was sentenced to 66 years in prison on April 3.

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