MP denies knowing mother who used his name to try to get her kid into a private school

Momzillas are real, and although they (usually) have their kids’ best interests at heart, sometimes they take things just a smidge too far.

For instance, a yet unidentified woman is currently in a bit of hot water for hurling an MP’s name at a school who wouldn’t accept her kid… despite the fact that she actually has no connections with said MP.

As Kumudra reports, the confrontation took place on Tuesday afternoon when a mom called up the Maung Ma Kan Private Elementary School located in South Dagon Township about enrolling her child in kindergarten. The school’s principal, Cho Yi Mon, explained to the mother that their kindergarten class was entirely full and that they weren’t accepting any more students.

Outraged that they wouldn’t take her kid in, the mother threatened that she would send over South Dagon MP Nyi Nyi and that they would see if the school would still be brave enough to reject her child then.

The principal was flabbergasted at the remark, and took to Facebook to air her thoughts. In a now-deleted post that gained a lot of traction, Cho Yi Mon asked if an MP had the right to do something like this.

It was only through word of mouth that MP Nyi Nyi heard about the incident, and although the school has been unable to identify the woman, Nyi Nyi is adamant that he has no connections with her. Yesterday, he met up with the owner of the school and assured them that he would never endorse such behavior, even adding that the school should track down the mom and sue her for harassment.

Cho Yi Mon has also thanked the MP for taking the time to come and clear up the situation. She clarified that she didn’t write the post to damage his reputation, but as a way of venting her anger.

While we understand that the mom just wanted her kid to have a good education, throwing around threats is never the way to go. We’re guessing she’s going to be laying low for a while now until this all blows over (or is she?).

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