Meditation-loving Kolkata man seeks Burmese life partner on Facebook


What do you do when you live in India and you’re obsessed with meditation and you need a life partner who shares your obsession? Post a personal ad in the New York Burmese community Facebook group, of course, just like 44-year-old Manish Agarwala did on Monday.

“I am looking for an non-conservative strongly dhammic life partner who may be more than eager to dedicate life to dhamma/dhamma service/pariyatti studies,” the Kolkata resident wrote in the Facebook group Myanmar/Burmese Community in New York.

His ad continues: “I have a flexible, open-minded, and progressive attitude towards life. Past marital/relationship history, religion, caste, community, nationality, food habits, etc., makes no difference to me as long as there is a strong intellectual, emotional, moral, and dhammic compatibility and commitment between me and my would-be life partner from present moment onwards.”

He also invites potential life partners to get to know his “tastes/inclinations” by reviewing the posts on his Facebook profile from the last year and invites “gut-level truthful and frank discussion.”

Why does he want a Burmese life partner? He explains that he’s a huge fan of the Vipassana meditation tradition popularized by Burma’s first accountant-general and meditation master U Ba Khin. The modern Vipassana movement, which U Ba Khin developed in part at the International Meditation Centre in Yangon’s Golden Valley, promises enlightenment through reflection on impermanence, suffering, and the realization of non-self.

U Ba Khin dispatched disciples around the world to spread the movement, including to India, hoping Buddhism would get big again in its country of origin. So, it kind of makes sense that Manish is looking for like-minded people in the Burmese community, right?

Not to the one person who commented on Manish’s post just to say he has no idea who U Ba Khin is.

We hope you find the right life partner, Manish! And hopefully enlightenment, too.

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3 thoughts on “Meditation-loving Kolkata man seeks Burmese life partner on Facebook

  1. What is a “strongly dharmic life partner”? Is this man looking for a noble desciple whose dharma practice is good enough (free from sexual desire) to guide and support his practice, or an ordinary yogi with sensual desires who can satisfy his lust? Is he aware that sexual desire is the first of the five hindrances for meditation? Is enlightenment more important, or feeding the desire that becomes a hindrance to one’s own practice? Is he aware that “wife, marriage, etc” are fabrications of the mind, deeply rooted in ignorance? If he wants to progress in meditation, why not go to a noble desciple of the late Mogok Sayadaw or Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw to learn cittanupassana and dhammanupassana, who can support him to destroy ignorance? May this man create the causes and conditions that will help him destroy desire, ill-will, and ignorance, and realise nibbana.


    surely, i could not have expected this in my wildest dreams! now my matrimonial desires are international news!
    its hilarious!

    i am grateful to the burmese brother/sister who made me news item! i don’t know why but, i do seem to like anything burmese!
    its the golden land of dhamma inhabited by golden hearted people! even this gesture to make my matrimonial ad go viral is a testimony of the lovely burmese ways of life!

    irrespective of the public spectacle of my search to find my love (i am responsible for this! enjoying it thoroughly!) – i express my infinite gratitude to the sangha and lay teachers of the golden land for preserving the pure dhamma for 2500 years and for anything and everything that is burmese! your dhamma, your sangha, your pagodas, your culture, your heritage, your social customs, your family values, your love…all indescribably golden!

    with infinite gratitude and much metta,

    manish !!!

    1. Please try to learn Burmese culture and custom while you are looking for your life partner. I hope that you are well aware of the current interfaith marriage law of Burma.My best advice is to visit the golden land and try Vipassana at Dhamma Joti in Yangon. Maybe your interest is NOT marriage but friendship. Good luck Manish.

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