Driver hits pedestrian, flees scene, hits another pedestrian

Photo: WikiCommons / mohigan
Photo: WikiCommons / mohigan

You know how some really awful people commit hit-and-runs? Well, Kamaryut police are now prosecuting a woman who committed a hit-and-run… and then hit another person and (tried to) run again.

The whole incident took place around noon last Wednesday. The culprit was driving down University Avenue when she hit a pedestrian near the entrance to the university. But instead of doing the legal and ethical thing and stopping to make sure he was okay, she fled the scene. Speeding up towards Hledan, her getaway was slightly thwarted when she ended up hitting another pedestrian in front of Hledan Center.

It seems that the second hit still wasn’t enough to weigh down the woman’s conscience, however, as an eyewitness told 7Day that the driver kept going for a bit until she pulled up behind a car that was temporarily stopping in front of Hledan Market and was forced to stop herself. A nearby taxi driver who saw what happened took the opportunity to open the driver’s door and take the keys out of the ignition, making sure that the woman didn’t run again and/or hit anyone else.

According to the eyewitness, the woman appeared to be drunk.

However, a Kamaryut traffic police officer told 7Day: “We tested her blood alcohol content on the spot, and she wasn’t inebriated. She said she’d gotten upset and distracted thinking about some family problems at home.”

Both of the victims were brought to the Yangon General Hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. A case has also been opened against the driver at the Kamaryut township police station. Once the victims’ official medical records are released, she will have to face trial at the Kamaryut Township Court.

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