Yangon Gallery to showcase antique cameras

An antique camera that will be part of the exhibition at the Yangon Gallery from Oct. 19 t0 21.

A private collection of 150 antique cameras will be on display at the Yangon Gallery from Oct. 19 to 21.

“Some cameras on exhibition will be more than a hundred years old,” said exhibition organizer and collector Kyaw Thet Min at a press conference over the weekend. He said he has collected more than 500 cameras of more than 40 varieties over the last 15 years. He has dreams of creating a small museum for them so that the public can interact with them.

“I would like to show the cameras I collected in a small museum, but there is difficulty to find even a small place in Yangon. It wouldn’t be easy. That is why I’m holding this exhibition to show the cameras and for interested people to observe them,” he said.

The exhibition will also include photos of some of the cameras that will not be on display.

The Yangon Gallery is located at the southern end of People’s Park, off Ahlone Road. It is owned by the son of Myanmar military chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who has been accused by rights groups and the UN of presiding over the genocide of the Rohingya.

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