[VIDEO] Myanmar’s skate punks break free from a repressed society

After years of repression, the government of Myanmar has started to loosen its on grip on society. Now, a once isolated society is finally getting a taste of the outside world, and Myanmar’s youth are eager to catch up on what they missed.

The country’s formerly underground community of skaters is one of these groups. Once forced to buy boards and Tony Hawk video games from the black market, the country’s skate scene is booming, and word of their unique skate culture is spreading across the globe.

This new video from Freethink navigates the streets of Yangon with these skaters as they test the waters of a changing cultural scene.

The skaters’ story is the first part of a series called Pop Revolution, which tells the “remarkable true story of how ordinary people armed with nothing more than smartphones, flash drives, skateboards, lipstick, and tattoos are fighting back against their oppressors and winning.”

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