Things To Do This Weekend – Market Edition (Nov 30-Dec 2): Yangon Farmer’s Market, The Makers Market, Yangon Zay and Singapore Festival

Singapore Festival 2018 – via VisitSingapore Facebook Page

This weekend in Yangon is a big one for open markets – there is a Singaporean market, a Yangon market and a bougie Yangon Zay. If shopping for food, produce or crafts doesn’t interest you, there is a hopping dance party with a tropical theme. In Yangon, of all places? Super original stuff.

Yangon Zay, A Tropical Christmas

Date: Dec. 1 – 2, (10 – 8 PM)
Venue: The Tea Factory

If you’ve missed Port Autonomy, you can catch them at Yangon Zay, at the Tea Factory. Whether it’s for an Instagram opportunity or you’re here for the once a week opportunity to shop at a pop-up store, Yangon Zay’s relaxed atmosphere is a welcome break away from a busy week. While the 6,000 Kyat admission ticket is on the pricier side, the eclectic selection is definitely worth checking out. A recent addition, Sculpt Studio, features clay creations of your favorite video game and pop culture characters and weapons, and they also have a DIY station where you can make something yourself.

Yangon Farmer’s Market

Date: Dec. 1, (8 AM – 12 PM)
Venue: Karaweik Garden

Every week, Yangon’s local organic farmers and producers come together to showcase their fresh produce at a different outdoor location in Yangon. Yes, you may be out in the heat, but the market is a great way to meet the people making and growing your food. The local farming community is passionate about bringing you the essentials like bread, veggies, eggs and coffee, but also novelty items like bamboo straws and European sausages.

The Makers Market, #1

Date: Dec. 2, (4 – 9 PM)
Venue: Karaweik Garden

The first ever Makers Market is similar to the Yangon Farmer’s Market, but for arts and crafts. For 300 kyats, you can browse the market for local and hand-made arts and crafts and meet the people behind them. You will find hand-woven cotton pants, clay plates and bowls, clutches with Myanmar patterns and even handbags made from upcycled tires. Food and drink vendors will also be in the mix, so you can make a whole day of it, if you wanted to.

G Session: Tropic City

Date: Dec. 1, (9 – when people leave)
Venue: Hotel G Yangon

After stopping by Yangon Zay, you can continue your night out at Hotel G Yangon where DJ Zaw Gyi and DJ Aggi will be spinning tropical beats late into the night with the decor of a college bloc party, replete with green leafy interiors, psychedelic neon lights and a “vegetal wall photo backtrop”. The only requirement? Wear your cheesiest Hawaiian shirt and colorful tropical dresses. And, entry is free – always a plus in our book.

Singapore Festival 2018

Date: Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, (4 – 10 PM)
Venue: Bogalay Zay Street

For 500 kyats ($0.30) entry per person, you can try 20 different dishes at an open air market on Bogalay Zay Street featuring the best of Singaporean cuisine, live music, art shows and augmented art installations, whatever that last one is. Anyway, the world’s first Michelin-starred street food joint, Singapore’s Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, will be there as well. The most exciting event planned, though (at least we think so) is a live graffiti performance by artist ROAR, who will be transforming Bogalayzay Street’s pavement into an art piece.



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