Myanmar actress forswears romance, wins fans’ hearts

Myanmar actress Na Wa Yut won the admiration of her fans after declaring in a recent interview that she has no time or desire for romance. In the now-viral interview with Myanmar Celebrity, the actress says: “I live happily. I won’t take a husband, have a boyfriend, or date.” While clutching her adorable, fluffy Pomeranian, Na ...

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Film Review: ‘Kyi Lay Kyi’ is a romp with would-be rapists

Film Review: ‘Kyi Lay Kyi’ is a romp with would-be rapists

If we want to eliminate sexual assault in Myanmar, we need to start holding artists and institutions that promote rape culture to account, writes Aye Min Thant. Rape culture is...


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Buddhist-majority Myanmar is culturally conservative when it comes to sex and relationships. Don’t expect anything like the Bangkok scene! At least not yet. As freedom of speech and expression become entrenched in Myanmar, we may soon start to see some dating culture emerge from behind the lakeside umbrellas where Burmese couples now do all of their canoodling.