Guy stalks girl at Shwedagon Pagoda, story goes viral

A Facebook user has received an outpouring of support as he embarks on a creepy quest to find the girl he stalked at the Shwedagon Pagoda on Saturday. The lovesick stalker professed his love for the young woman in a Facebook post, which also included a photo he took of her without her knowledge. The ...

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Gynopedia gives Yangon a much-needed health resource

Gynopedia gives Yangon a much-needed health resource

Gynopedia – the site that helps you find tampons in Seoul, an LGBT-friendly gynecologist in Bangkok or the morning after pill in Lima now offers sexual and reproductive health...


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Buddhist-majority Myanmar is culturally conservative when it comes to sex and relationships. Don’t expect anything like the Bangkok scene! At least not yet. As freedom of speech and expression become entrenched in Myanmar, we may soon start to see some dating culture emerge from behind the lakeside umbrellas where Burmese couples now do all of their canoodling.