Two men scolded for ‘hugging’ at popular reggae bar

A Yangon man says he was a victim of a homophobic insult after a security guard at the popular reggae bar 7th Joint told him and his male companion to stop “hugging” each other one night last week. He later described the encounter in a Facebook post that attracted dozens of reactions before it was ...


Scenes from Myanmar’s first Drag Olympics

Scenes from Myanmar’s first Drag Olympics

Myanmar’s most athletic drag queens competed yesterday in the country’s first Drag Olympics – a fierce test of speed, core strength, and bag-throwing ability. The...

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Coconuts Yangon Lgbt+

Yangon has no shortage of pride. Fab Nights are some of the biggest events on the social calendar, and the &PROUD Film Festival is always well-attended. There are still problems, though. LGBT+ folks face discrimination, especially from police who have targeted them under the so-called ‘darkness law’, an archaic rule used against those ‘acting suspiciously’ or being in a ‘suspicious place’. The media have documented cases of transgender people being accused of sex work and targeted for harassment and bribes. We cover these issues widely on Coconuts Yangon. We aim to give a voice to vulnerable members of the community and to celebrate advances on the course to freedom.