Video for catchy Thingyan anthem takes aim at sexual harrassment

Thingyan season is once again upon us, and Thingyan songs, from the classics to the newest releases, can be heard in taxis, shopping malls, and gym playlists all over the country. With their generally upbeat rhythms and wholesome lyrics, these songs are a beloved part of the Buddhist new year celebrations in Myanmar.

Though there are new Thingyan songs produced every year, it can be difficult to make an impact. New releases have to compete with people’s affinity and nostalgia for the classics as well as try to stand out in a saturated media landscape. Despite this, one song seems to have captured people’s hearts this summer: “Ho Kaung Ma Lay Nga Ne Nya.”

Featuring a break dancing crew who clearly know their craft, excellent camera and editing work, and a plotline that rejects sexual harassment to promote consensual romance, the music video is a fun watch from beginning to end. They could have cut back a bit (or a lot) on the auto-tune, but overall, the song, which could be translated as “That Girl’s My Wifey” captures the excitement and joy of Thingyan.

With over 33,000 shares since it was uploaded on March 25, it would seem that Myanmar netizens agree.

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