Watch this time lapse video of a Burmese street chef making sushi in downtown Yangon

Tokyo-trained chef “Khin-san” prepares sushi on a Yangon street. PHOTO/COCONUTS MEDIA

In an unlikely mash-up of two great culinary traditions, a Yangon chef is serving up street-side sushi.

The Tokyo-trained chef, who goes by ‘Khin-san’ in the Japanese fashion, dishes up rolls packed with crab meat, cuttle-fish, carrots and a generous dollop of mayo.

Happily for the squeamish, he uses plastic gloves and washes his knife. Ingredients are kept in tupperware boxes. 

The stall, on the corner of Mahabandoola Road and 43rd Street, is there 2pm and 7pm every day except Sundays.

Six pieces of sushi cost 1,000 kyats ($1). We can vouch for the taste.

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