There’s another place to get your croissants in Yaw Min Gyi

COCONUTS HOTSPOT – If you live around the Nawaday-Yaw Min Gyi area, chances are you’ve seen the signs for Oven Fresh, a dinky little bakery that opens tomorrow. They stand at almost every corner.

Not that people would have missed the place otherwise. When it comes to Western-style bakeries in Yangon, you build it, they will come.

Inside, the décor is dark brown and black. It’s a tad cramped if you’re looking for a leisurely spent afternoon but the cappucinos, lattes, however-you-take-its are good to-go. A decent flat white is just 1,600 kyats.

You can pick up a loaf of wholemeal for less than 3,000 kyats, which is something in a city where fresh bread is a precious commodity. The sweet raisin loaves are highly moreish.

At this point, there’s almost a glut of cafes in this neighborhood, with Press Office opening last month on Bo Naw Nyunt.

But it’s always nice to see a place take their loaves seriously. Get this: they’re holding ‘bread awareness’ talks every Saturday at 11am.

Oven Fresh, #42, Yaw Min Gyi Street. Open 7am until 9pm. Facebook them here

Photo: Coconuts Media

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