Sharky’s frozen pizzas have arrived

Photo: Facebook / Sharky’s Myanmar

Pizza lovers rejoice! Sharky’s now stocks frozen pizzas, meaning you no longer have to be disappointed at the sight of your freshly wood-fired pizza turning into a stone cold piece of dough during the drive home.

Yesterday, the restaurant announced that all Sharky’s stores would now be stocking their famous pizzas in frozen form for a super affordable MMK5000 each. The nine types of pizza currently on offer include Proscuitto, Piccante, and Parma. They’re frozen on-site, and of course, all have the signature Sharky’s thin crust.

All nine varieties should be available in every Sharky’s outlet, although you might want to call ahead before you make the long trek just to be sure they haven’t run out of your favorite type.

Look, it’s cold, it’s wet, and the traffic is as bad as ever, so this news couldn’t have come at a better time. Stock up on your favorite pizza(s) and never have to brave the Yangon rain and traffic ever again (or, you know, at least for the rest of the rainy season).

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