Mixologist Pioneers Mobile Food in Nyaungshwe

by Tiffany Teng At first glance, this hip food cart looks out of place at Nyaungshwe’s new night market, located just a few kilometers north of Inle Lake. Serving up the freshest cocktails in the region, Aung Myo Thu (also known as Peter), this chic addition stands out among other vendors at the market, which opened

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Yangon Bus Café: Come for the décor, stay for the décor

If you enjoy coffee, long walks in the park, and are feeling a bit hipster-y, then the most recent addition to Kandawgyi Park’s slew of cafés might be worth checking out....

Yangon Bus Café: Come for the décor, stay for the décor

Coconuts Yangon Restaurant reviews

Looking at a restaurant menu or perusing its Facebook page often fails to provide an impression of what experience that restaurant provides. Is the staff attentive? Are they too attentive? Are they receptive to suggestions? Does the menu offer enough information? Read our restaurant reviews to learn more about that Mexican joint that you heard was better than the other one. Yangon Coconuts is your committed taste-tester and ambience-investigator.