Zucchini Textures: an elegy for tastemaker Kevin Ching

“Can I tell you a secret?” Chef Kevin Ching has his hands wrist-deep in a large crab at a fancy hotel brunch when he proffers the classified data. “I think I created my best dish ever.” The dish is called Zucchini Textures – nothing to do with the crab – and it’s one of the

Coconuts hot spots

Coconuts Yangon Coconuts hot spots

In a fruitless effort to be well-rounded, many Yangon restaurants end up being jacks of all trades and masters of none. Their menus offer every cuisine but no soul. Amid the mediocrity, a few hot spots rise to prominence simply by doing one or two things exceptionally well, like a café with high-quality coffee and functional Wi-Fi, a ramen bar that is nothing but a ramen bar or a dim sum joint that claims to be divine and lives up to it. You don’t need to serve pad thai and pizza to succeed; in fact, master one of the two, and you may end up in our Hot Spots section.