20 adorably awkward Myanmar animals

This monkey, who prefers human food.
This cow, who’s actually an atheist.


This sow, who makes the best of any situation.


This dog, who is super satisfied.


This snake, who is trying to fist-bump.


These snakes, who don’t feel like justifying their lifestyle.


This goose, who is in a basket.


These puppies, who just want a piece of that trash.


This elephant, who just got his nostrils waxed.


This dog, who is on an important mission.


This dog, who woke up surrounded by inspiring biographies.


This crocodile, who is smiling.


This snake, who is portable.


This ox, who is smarter than he looks.


This turtle, who literally hates you.


This horse, who didn’t ask to be painted or sat on.


This dog, who is playing with his best friend.


This dog again, who was a little too rough.


These dogs, who thought they wouldn’t have to see each other again.


These puppies, who love you.

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