Indonesia Lamborghini Crash: Rich kid says he’ll sue anyone who talks bad about him

Early on Sunday, Nov 29, 24-year-old Wiyang Lautner was driving his Lamborghini through the streets of Surabaya in Indonesia.

He lost control of his supercar and went off the road, hitting three bystanders and killing one.

In this video taken immediately after the crash, Wiyang can be seen calmy texting on his phone while hanging out of the window of his wrecked Lamborghini.

After the video went viral, Wiyang faced scathing criticism in the media and from netizens.

Last Thursday, his lawyer, AMoz HZ Taka, took out an advertisement in the Jawa Pos newspaper defending his client, denying that Wiyang was racing his friend in a Ferrari when the accident occurred (as was widely reported in the media).

He also threatened anybody in the media or social media users who made “negative statements” about Wiyang with legal action.

After crashing his Lamborghini in S the 24-year-old could be seen calmly texting from the window of his supercar while his victim laid dead just meters away.

After facing scathing criticism online, his lawyer took out a newspaper ad threatening legal actions against the press or netizens that made “negative statements” about his client.



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