Video: Parkour in first-person perspective in local fan video of ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’

It took eight years, but they’re finally releasing the follow up to one of the most unique video games in modern gaming: Mirror’s Edge

The game’s selling point is that it puts you in the nimble shoes of a parkour artist as you tumble, run and climb across rooftops, walls, and other urban obstacles in a futuristic dystopian society. Come May 24, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — a reboot of the original — will be released, promising even more parkour and overthrowing of totalitarian authorities. 

A Mirror’s Edge fan here paid homage to the game by doing up a video featuring all the same elements sans overthrowing of oppressive regimes. The first-person free-running works well too, especially since Singapore’s urban landscapes already look so dystopian. Check it out below: 

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