Xinmin Primary School teacher under police investigation after internet outs him as alleged MRT pervert

Photo: Video screengrab

A couple of days ago, a clip circulated on social media depicting a pink-shirted man appearing to take an upskirt video of a fellow commuter in an MRT train.

The video itself went viral when it was posted online on Saturday — it was taken by a bystander on an MRT train that was reaching Paya Lebar station. The pink-shirted man could be seen placing his phone on a duffel bag, with its camera lens facing upwards. The duffel bag was later swung underneath the skirt of a female commuter, presumably with the phone’s video-recording function turned on.

Internet sleuths, being internet sleuths, quickly moved in to identify the perv as a physical education teacher at Xinmin Primary School. Despite their horrible track record with online vigilantism, netizens apparently got this one right — the school’s vice-principal confirmed to the media that the suspect really was one of the teachers.

Said teacher has been placed on leave, The Straits Times reports, and the police is currently investigating the case after a report was lodged.

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