WTF: Singapore travel blogger did fly in SIA Suites, but ripped off his account of it

Yesterday, we hooked you guys up with Derek Low, a travel blogger, “engineer and entrepreneur”, who’d recently flown in the coveted Singapore Airlines (SIA) Suites class and wrote about it. Turns out the gripping account, which eventually went viral and even got talked up in the Daily Mail newspaper, was ripped off several blog posts written from as far back as May last year. 
The accusations began on social networking site Reddit yesterday, after user “infinitus_” shared the story. “stainless13” commented, saying Low had taken photos and even captions from his site Andy’s Travel Blog

“I have no doubt he actually flew on the flight, but his plagiarism is infuriating,” “Andy” wrote. The blogger also addressed Derek Low in a separate post ‘educating’ others interested in his content on how to ‘share’ it appropriately: 

“To the guy who stole my stuff: first off, thanks for reading Andy’s Travel Blog.  Second, your theft was unnecessary, your post was already better than mine!  You told a wonderful story and had beautiful photography.  You’ve removed my images and changed enough of my exact text to the point that you’re probably in the clear legally, but those are still my jokes in your article, and I know that you know that I know. Enjoy the publicity from your post, I hope your wildest dreams come true from it.”

User “HOHOHIHI”, raised another blog Derek Low might’ve lifted from: 

Naturally, netizens have been rallying around the bloggers that have apparently been taken advantage of by Low, whose supposed work has made him an overnight internet sensation. 

One “monsieurlee” said, “12 hours later I’m still pissed about this asshole, and he didn’t even even steal my content. Fuck Derek Low. Spoiled little shit obviously didn’t take an ethics class.”

Others have asked “Andy” to report Low to University of California, Berkeley, from which he’s apparently graduated. 

According to “Andy”, the plagiarised content has been removed from the blog post, which is still live

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