Woman who stopped Ferrari in the middle of Orchard Road charged in court for unrelated offences

Stopping her sports car in the middle of Orchard Road wasn’t the only offence this 71-year-old woman committed — it seems she’s done a lot worse. 

Shi Ka Yee’s list of eclectic offences was laid out in court today as she faced charges unrelated to causing a traffic jam along Orchard Road last month, The Straits Times reported. 

Apparently, Shi had duked it out in court after being sued by her neighbours over an old raintree at the very atas Astrid Hill residences. Nasrat Lucas Muyazzin and his wife sued Shi following a conflict about the overhanging branches of the tree on her property. 

Shi was not happy. On Feb 17 last year, she allegedly trespassed into Muyazzin’s bungalow and removed an ignition key from a crane, trapping a worker in the crane bucket — the poor man was said to have been stuck there for over an hour. 

Shi had also revved her sports car engine and moved it towards Muyazzin while he was standing in front of the vehicle. And she verbally abused him, shouting expletives at the man with intent to harass him that morning. 

Shi has already been ordered to pay $9,800 in damages to her neighbour and trim her tree’s branches as well. A request to appeal against the ruling was thrown out of court. 

In an unrelated incident, Shi was also charged for assault when she allegedly punched 58-year-old Raphael Chong Yen Ping in the face at Telok Ayer Street in February 2014. He suffered a cut above his right eyebrow. 

Her most recent shenanigan was on June 29, when she caused a traffic jam in Orchard after stopping her Ferrari in the middle of the busy road. A tour bus driver had apparently honked at her for making a slow turn, causing Shi to get out of the car to confront him — an altercation that went on till the police arrived. 

Meanwhile, the prosecution is still carrying out investigations into the five offences she’s been charged with. Shi’s passport was impounded, and a bail of $15,000 was granted. 

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