Woman transforms into Shaolin master, sends off Singapore MRT train using mystical powers from her hands

All hail the new Shaolin master of Singapore, sending trains off platform with her mystical powers. Sorta. (Photo: Chan Vy / Facebook)
All hail the new Shaolin master of Singapore, sending trains off platform with her mystical powers. Sorta. (Photo: Chan Vy / Facebook)

Whoever said Singapore was a boring place clearly has never seen this woman trying to harness her inner Shaolin master to use her energy and send off a train with her bare hands.

Facebook user Chan Vy uploaded a video on Friday on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore (you can view it here), which is quite ironic given that the group’s purpose is more for, well, general complaints and grouses about Singapore life — usually by more #triggered individuals.

She wanted to upload this video to lighten up the mood, with the caption “Who says Singapore life is boring!” before switching into inspirational Jedi mode in the next sentence.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You,” she muses.


The video, which has been shared more than 1,300 times, shows the Vietnamese woman using her Shaolin strength to “close” the doors of a train at the Newton MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

As the train moves off the platform, she summons all her Saiyan strength and pushes the train out of the station using her bare hands.

The original video, which she uploaded a month back to her own page, can be viewed below:

It reminds us a little of the Naruto mirror dash challenge where people uploaded videos of themselves dashing past a seemingly-endless mirror while changing poses in each shot.

Commenters for the video seemed to veer along the lines of “what in the world is this woman doing” but the woman takes it in stride, playing along with the comments.

(Photo: Facebook screengrab)
(Photo: Facebook screengrab)

According to the woman, she made the video after her yoga class and was a bit shocked to find out that after she did the deed, two handsome men were looking and smiling at her, while talking about what she did.

(Photo: Facebook screengrab)
(Photo: Facebook screengrab)

To the yoga enthusiast, we have one thing to say: If you do you, the right man will always come around.

Until then, we look forward to seeing you use your powers to prevent future MRT breakdowns.

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