What do the masses actually want to see in Singapore? #ifiwereminister lists them all

Amidst all the ongoing election rallies with various political candidates boasting what they’ll do and what ranting about what their opponents are doing wrong, you have to wonder: What do the hoi polloi actually want to see in their country? 

Upset over the crippling bureaucracy involved when citizens want to make their suggestions known to the people who matter, an enterprising patriot initiated a crowdsourcing campaign that pulls together the collective thoughts of the masses into one site. The campaign title? The appropriately titled #ifiwereminister

The entries sourced by the campaign flesh out a pretty vibrant kaleidoscope of what people really want, no holds barred. Ranging from the absurd to the profound, the site offers a pretty good insight into the hivemind of Singaporeans, which Ministers (or future ones) can use to consider the causes they fight for. Whatever your suggestions, keep submitting them people; everyone has the right to make their voices heard loud and clear. 

Photo: Kojach via Flickr; #ifiwereminister website

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