WATCH: Man moves huge monitor lizard off the road in Sengkang, preventing a potential accident

Video screengrabs
Video screengrabs

No matter if you think they’re icky or not, big-ass monitor lizards are our friends, and deserve our care too.

Yesterday, a man was caught on camera lending a helping hand to a monitor lizard who somehow wandered into the middle of Sengkang East Drive, right next to the Austville Residences. According to Facebook user Reena Syai Safiy Sufi, it could have easily been roadkill — or even cause a serious traffic accident — if not for the man, who gently picked the critter up and placed it onto a grass patch nearby.

Here’s the thing though: Was the lizard actually alive or was it run over already? From the video, the reptile looked pretty limp and wasn’t moving at all after being placed on the grass patch. If it was dead, the man did motorists some good by moving a rather big carcass out of the way during the peak traffic hours. If it had been alive, well, it’d have to wait for a calmer time to cross the road again, presumably to the Punggol Serangoon Reservoir nearby.

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