WATCH: Lost puppy gets rescued from traffic-heavy Upper Thomson Road

Let’s shift away from the harsh, snapping jaws of hard truths and injustices in the world for a bit to find some hope in humanity for a little bit. A lost little puppy got itself stranded in the middle of a very busy road yesterday and it would have gotten seriously hurt eventually if not for a kind Samaritan who carried it out of harm’s way.

Sunita Parhar had been in a vehicle traveling down Upper Thomson Road yesterday around 5:45pm when she came across a heart-rending sight: a small dog tottering nervously in the middle lane trying desperately avoid getting hit by the dozens of vehicles passing by. Most likely, it was struggling to find its way to a pavement due to the big concrete barricades put up on either side of the road, thanks to the ongoing heavy construction for the Thomson-East Coast Line.

While Sunita had been figuring out how to help out, salvation arrived in the form of a kind, office-type looking man. He came from the side of the road to approach the scared puppy, calmly reassure his intentions and carried it to safety. Props should also go to the other motorists who stopped for a brief moment to let the man rescue the dog from imminent harm. Here’s the video of the rescue with added dramatic music, courtesy of Facebook user Alan Chong.

Not much else is known about what happened to the critter afterward, but we’d like to imagine that the puppy — presumably a stray — found a new home with its rescuer.

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