WATCH: An anime opening featuring SMRT trains, lovingly made by a train otaku

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

An amusing video from 2015 is getting a new round of laughs on Singapore’s subreddit — an anime-style opening featuring SMRT trains.

In case you’re unfamiliar with anime openings, they’re the short music videos that kick off an episode of a show, typically with dramatic vignettes of the series’ characters set to a pumping, catchy Japanese theme song. Parodies of anime openings are widespread (here’s one set to Avengers: Infinity War) and delightfully geeky, so seeing one with something as mundane as SMRT trains makes it pretty humorous.

Such a commitment to the art could only be done by a local train otaku (trainspotting enthusiasts; yes, they exist). Which turned out to be true. The creator of the video surfaced on Reddit to shed some background on why he made the video, and the challenges he faces as a person who just really loves trains.


Again, shout out to ultimate train otaku Jay Tan, who lost some sleep when the Circle Line first opened in 2011.

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