WATCH: Acres rescue team frees dolphin trapped in fishing net at Bedok Jetty

Screengrab from video

The dolphin that was spotted in the waters of Bedok Jetty entangled in fishing line on Saturday has been found and freed. According to a Facebook post by Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) yesterday, the wild animal had “a foreign object” entangled on its tail fin, weighing it down and preventing it from swimming or breathing properly.

On Sunday, the group’s Wildlife Rescue Team discovered the marine creature west of the jetty along East Coast Park, and quickly leaped into action. After a one-hour rescue operation, the netting and the attached fishing weights were removed — these amounted to 8kg in all.

Acres deputy chief executive Kalai Vanan told The Straits Times yesterday that the dolphin was “quite shy” and “moved away” from the humans, but he and his partner “managed to get a hold of it and guide it to shallower waters for a clearer picture”.

“The entire entanglement was a big clump of fishing net, fishing lines, fishing weights, fishing hooks,” he explained, adding that the animal had lacerations on its body, and that they used a knife to free it from the mess.

Acres ended off its post by thanking NParks, the National Sailing Club, and everyone who alerted the group about the incident.

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