WATCH: 5-year-old boy resuscitated after nearly drowning at Bukit Batok Complex

Photo: Video screengrab

A dramatic scene unfolded last Thursday at Bukit Batok Swimming Complex when a young boy was successfully resuscitated after nearly drowning in a training pool.

A video of the rescue effort was uploaded on Facebook last Friday, depicting two Sport Singapore lifeguards and the boy’s father attending to the five-year-old. Sport Singapore confirmed to The Straits Times that the incident happened on Thursday evening — the boy had been struggling in the water when he was pulled out of the pool.

The boy’s father (in the yellow tee) can be seen carrying out cardiopulmonary resuscitation on his son, while lifeguards handled the respiratory equipment. Meanwhile, some voices offscreen can be heard advising the female lifeguard to calm down.

Sport Singapore noted that the boy was sent to hospital after regaining consciousness, advising parents and guardians to always ensure close supervision of their children in the pool at all times.

At this point in time, it’s good to remind all of you to learn the basics of performing CPR — it could save a life or two.

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