Volunteers stumble across deceased elderly man after blood seeps out of his flat

Photo: Elaine Tan / Facebook

Welp, this was definitely not in the guidebook. A group of members from volunteer network Keeping Hope Alive made a disturbing discovery on Sunday morning when they investigated a flat that had dark fluid seeping out from its door.

It turned out to the blood of the elderly occupant who’d died inside his home.

Keeping Hope Alive member Elaine Tan recounted the incident that transpired early Sunday morning. The group gathers every Sunday to visit one- and two-room flats around the country to help out the needy and elderly by distributing food and groceries, as well as assisting with chores.

Tan and her fellow volunteers had been getting ready visit houses at a residential estate along Beach Road to offer their services to the underprivileged when an elderly man approached them. The man had been concerned about his neighbor, who had not been seen for a couple of days.

Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao, he noticed a dark-colored liquid leaking out from the neighbor’s door that morning. Initially thinking that it was cough syrup, his suspicions were aroused when he touched the fluid and took a sniff. He started knocking on the neighbor’s door, to no response.

Worried, he approached the Keeping Hope Alive volunteers for help. Two of them followed him up to the flat, and according to Tan, they knew “the worst” had happened. The police were called in, and Singapore Civil Defence Force rescuers breached open the door only to find the body of a 79-year-old man on the floor.

The Straits Times reported that he was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene, and the police are currently investigating the case of unnatural death.

The deceased’s neighbors told Wanbao that he was a recluse who usually kept to himself and had been working as a cleaner at a hospital. Keeping Hope Alive volunteers mentioned that he had not been seen at work for five days when his body was found.

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