Volunteers spend weekend sorting through 10,000 kg of pre-loved items to redistribute to migrant workers

Photos: Itsrainingraincoats / Facebook
Photos: Itsrainingraincoats / Facebook

In case you’re not aware, It’s Raining Raincoats is a local initiative established in 2015 — a movement that initially started out with encouraging people to donate raincoats to migrant laborers who need it while working in wet weather.

Today, it’s so much more than raincoats. With dozens of volunteers on board, the group now seeks to normalize interactions between Singaporeans and migrant workers through recreational events, food distribution, charity drives and more.

Last weekend saw the volunteers sieving through 10,000 kilograms of used clothes and other items donated by the public. Stuff that would usually be discarded and incinerated were carefully sorted out and boxed accordingly by volunteers at a warehouse in Tannery Lane.

10,000 kg of discarded items does highlight Singapore’s big waste issue. Out of the millions of tonnes of things we throw away, how many of them could have gone to a good cause?

Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, the donated items were sorted into categories, boxed up, and distributed to the migrant communities — all done within a span of one and a half days.

“Taking stuff from where it’s no longer needed and passing it to where it’s treasured,” wrote It’s Raining Raincoats on Facebook, adding that the hardworking migrant friends deserve all the help they can get.

It’s business as usual for the initiative, though. Its volunteers have been constantly supporting the local migrant community with food and miscellaneous items that would otherwise be trashed by folks in Singapore. The Chinese New Year season was an especially busy period for It’s Raining Raincoats, thanks to the spring cleaning being carried out and excess festive goodies.

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