Viral: Kind Grab driver takes passenger’s injured son to the hospital without extra charge

Photos: 米克/Facebook
Photos: 米克/Facebook

A little dose of kindness goes a long way, and people sure love to hear about it, as evidenced by a Facebook post that went viral yesterday. According to the user, he had taken urgent leave from work to fetch his son from school after hearing that his kid had sustained a fall and hit his head.

On the Grab ride there, the driver struck up a conversation and found out that his passenger was rushing to the hospital after picking up his son. So instead of just dropping him off at the school and wishing him well, the kind Samaritan offered to send both him and son all the way to see the doctor. Grateful for the gesture of goodwill, the passenger offered to pay him extra for his efforts, but the driver rejected the money.

As the post made the rounds online, netizens lauded the good driver for his compassion and his heart of gold.

It’s a simple act, but heart-warming, nonetheless.

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