Viral: Grab driver switches radio station to Malay channel to help Muslim passenger break fast

Photo: Grab Philippines
Photo: Grab Philippines

It’s Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims; and Singapore being a multi-racial melting pot, we all know someone who observes the dawn-to-dusk fasting. Still, it’s heart-warming to hear of strangers going out of their way to be accommodating to the Muslims among us.

A Facebook user by the name of Jujul Euphoric took to social media on Tuesday to share his gratitude for his Grab driver, who did a simple act of thoughtfulness that was very much appreciated by the passenger.

Apparently, the radio station was tuned in to an English channel when he boarded the car in the evening. But halfway through, the non-Muslim driver switched it to Malay station Warna 94.2FM so the passenger could listen to the Azan and break his fast.

After the passenger thanked him for being so considerate, the driver replied that neighborliness was important to a society as diverse as Singapore.

“We have to accommodate to (sic) all four races and to all religion. We need to be united,” he said. “Still remember during the kampong days, Malays will cook rendang and Indians will cook curry and we will exchange.”

The viral post drew praise from netizens, with some sharing their positive views on racial harmony in Singapore.

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