Vindictive elderly man smears poop and pastes fake obituary on letter box of neighbor he didn’t like

Photo: Ee Shawn / Flickr
Photo: Ee Shawn / Flickr

Two elderly neighbors were locked in a such a bitter feud that one was driven to smear poo all over the other’s letterbox. Among other things.

The Straits Times reported that 71-year-old Sim Ann Heng was sentenced to two weeks in prison last Friday after he pleaded guilty to two harassment charges. This, on top of his earlier conviction back in June for assaulting his neighbor Tan Yam Chwee, 67.

The messy disputes between the two men stemmed from staring incidents as well as Sim suspecting Tan of damaging his reputation among their neighbors at an HDB block in Commonwealth Avenue, according to Yahoo News. Sim — who lived on the 12th floor of the block — had been sentenced to five months in jail on June 19 for attacking Tan, who lives two stories above him. Though details of the assault case weren’t detailed in court, Sim did file an appeal against his sentenced and was subsequently released on bail.

The shitty stunt

While still on bail, Sim exacted a filthy retaliation by smearing his feces onto his neighbor’s letterbox on the ground floor. Tan noticed the poop on the morning of July 11 and had the Town Council workers clean up the mess before calling the police that same afternoon.

The cops then installed a camera on the ground floor of the block, facing the letterbox area.

The death notice

Four days later, a policeman on patrol spotted a man writing on a letterbox in the wee hours of the morning at 1:10am. It was Sim, who obtained a newspaper obituary photo of a random man and pasted printed cutouts of the words “Departed on 5th July 2019” and the misspelled name “YAM CHEE”. The word “Obituaries” was also cut out from the newspaper and pasted on the flap of Tan’s letterbox, Yahoo News reported.

Talk about effort.

Jail time extended

Sim has since withdrawn his appeal against his first sentence and started his five-month jail term for assault on Aug 13. Upon the completion of that term, he’ll start serving another two-weeks in jail for harassment.

Who knew old dudes could have so much capacity for malice?

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