Valet driver allegedly assaulted by customer after ladies refuse to head to Hotel 81 with him

Photos: Drive Home Service Singapore / Facebook

A bitter customer who apparently failed to get lucky with the ladies violently lashed out at his hired chauffeur, according to a valet company.

The creatively named Drive Home Service Singapore took to Facebook to report that one of their valet drivers sustained serious injuries to his head and neck after getting punched by a customer in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

“Just because your lady passengers refused to check into a hotel with you, YOU HIT the driver that was hired to help you get home safely??!!!” the company exclaimed in the Facebook post.

The valet driver — said to be an experienced driver named Fairuz — had been assigned to take over the customer’s car at Q Pub, a bar at 1022 Sembawang Road. Fairuz was tasked to drive the customer, his friend and two female companions (said to be foreigners) to 23 Oxley Road, where the friend resided.

Upon reaching the Oxley Road destination, the ladies turned down the customer’s suggestion to head over to a Hotel 81 along Lavender Street — an implication for some sexual activities. According to Fairuz, the man and his friend tried to convince the ladies to change their minds, and when they failed, the “conversation stopped”.

Fairuz claimed that he then asked where to head over next. That was when the customer was said to have swung his fist into the driver’s face, hitting him so hard that the back of Fairuz’s head “banged against the car door window”.

The other passengers left the car, and Fairuz had to head to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to get his neck, head, and jaw examined for injuries.

“He or any of us valet drivers don’t owe it to you when your lady friends reject your advances or when you’re in a bad mood!!” wrote Drive Home Service Singapore, which uploaded pictures of the BMW car and the driver accused of being a bully. Another image showed Fairuz’s hospital bill for the X-ray procedure and other services, which amounted to $120 after government subsidies. The post added that a police report has since been filed against the alleged attacker.

Photos: Drive Home Service Singapore / Facebook
Photos: Drive Home Service Singapore / Facebook

After the post went viral, Drive Home Service Singapore noted that they received a takedown notice from a “legal representative” of the accused, demanding that they remove the Facebook post and publish a written apology. The company noted that they will not be doing so, and requests that the alleged attacker apologize to them instead and compensate Fairuz’s medical bills.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab

As for Fairuz, the company assured that he’s recovering well. While also making jokes about the alleged bully’s choice of pants.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab

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