This supermarket created a tongue-in-cheek ‘survival pack’ for Avengers: Endgame and its 3-hour runtime

Photo: Li Li Cheng Supermarket/Facebook
Photo: Li Li Cheng Supermarket/Facebook

We all know Avengers: Endgame comes out in theaters today. It’s the day people have been waiting for since they crashed multiple cinema websites with the ridiculously high demand for advance tickets. So far, reviews have been pretty solid, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the flick a 96% score and calling it “a satisfying finale to Marvel’s epic Infinity Saga.”

But if you’re slightly worried about the long runtime, 3 hours and one minute to be exact, fret not. And look no further, because one supermarket is coming to your rescue. Releasing its innovative marketing strategy creation, Li Li Cheng Supermarket in Punggol put together “The Complete Avengers Endgame Survival Pack” for all you fans out there who don’t wanna miss a single second of the superhero movie.

For the “lighter duty”, they’ve got, er, plastic bags. Y’know, just in case you drink too much smuggled bubble tea Coke and you can’t bear to step out of the cinema, yet you can’t quite enjoy the film with a full bladder. Anyone with “heavy duty” needs can strap on adult diapers instead.

Those who “can’t take the heat” can grab a Hulk, Iron Man, or Captain America toy, while anyone shedding a tear if/when your favorite character dies can arm yourself with a tissue box.

Oh, and of course you’ll need to fuel up on nibbles. It is a three-hour screening, after all. The supermarket’s suggestions include salted egg fish skin and one of those old school potato snacks for movie-goers who “want a time travel feel, local style.”

Clearly, it’s all done with tongue firmly in cheek, so maybe don’t pee into a plastic bag, for the good of viewers around you.

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