Suspect arrested in slingshot mischief case is a 64-year-old man

PHOTO: Keith Allison / Flickr

A 64-year-old man was arrested on Monday, for damaging a window panel of an industrial building along Bukit Batok Crescent with a scary,  juiced-up catapult.

And you thought slingshot pranks were child’s play.

The man allegedly fired multiple metal — yes, metal — projectiles at the building using an “improvised rubber band” with his catapults, according to the Singapore Police Force in a statement released yesterday.

This is what you were imagining for his catapult:

Photo: Pixabay

This is what the sexagenarian allegedly used:

The catapults and the metal pellets seized. Photos: Singapore Police Force

In conjunction with the arrest, officers seized two catapults, one rubber band, and 75 metallic pellets.

The official charges include possession of an offensive instrument, committing a rash act, and mischief. Official investigations are still ongoing.

Oh, and this might not be his first time wreaking havoc with a seemingly harmless toy. Police believe that the man could have been involved in at least 10 similar cases in the Bukit Batok estate area, reaching back all the way to 2014.

Geez, can somebody get this retiree a fishing pole?

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