String theory: Grounded teen has novel way of getting food deliveries to 6th-floor flat

The GrabFood order being pulled several stories up to the HDB flat. Image: @_5foot4/Twitter
The GrabFood order being pulled several stories up to the HDB flat. Image: @_5foot4/Twitter

A GrabFood deliveryman received a rather unusual request over the weekend, namely, a customer asking him to tie a string to the delivery bag so it could then be pulled up several stories through the air to the customer’s home.  

According to a tweet by Azhar Jamil in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the customer claimed he had been grounded by his parents and could not come out of the HDB flat. Azhar acceded to the request and decided to record the moment his customer service took to the next level, literally.

“So this is how the customer requested his order to be sent! Enjoy the video,” Azhar wrote in the 2:40am tweet.

The 50-second clip begins with the deliveryman telling the camera he just had “one of the craziest food delivery experience.” 

Azhar, standing at the foot of the HDB block, then panned up for a view of the customer’s 6th-story flat, before capturing the paper bag slowly ascending as it was pulled up by the string. 

You can hear Azhar giggling in the background as he filmed the order reaching his young customer, who was not visible in the clip as it was too dark.

The video has been retweeted 1,000 times since it was posted.


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