Star Awards ‘fashion critic’ returns with amusing commentary on who wore what

Photos: Dennis Lim/Facebook

Returning for his yearly “fashion police” commentary on who wore what best/worst at Mediacorp’s Star Awards show, the man behind “Fallen Star Awards 2019” has struck again. Others may have gone the safe route to review the best of the red carpet, but nay, not him. He highlighted those who slayed, but in a, er, different way.

Even the fact that the awards ceremony celebrated its 25th anniversary yesterday didn’t keep him away, as he dished out witty, and at times savage, analysis on several local and international celebrities.

If the fact that Chen Hanwei and Zoe Tay won Best Actor and Actress for their husband-and-wife roles in A Million Dollar Dream didn’t get you excited, or worse, made you wonder what that series was even about, then you’re probably not the show’s target audience.

So perhaps you’d be more interested in a light-hearted fashion review. All done in (mostly) good fun, of course. Scroll on for some LOLs this blue Monday.

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