S’pore mother of COVID-19 patient shares painful ordeal in message to whingeing parents

Medical team treating a baby. Photo: Ryanlizana Celine Ng-Chan/Facebook
Medical team treating a baby. Photo: Ryanlizana Celine Ng-Chan/Facebook

Watching your child suffer from COVID-19 can be painful, which makes it all the more important for families, especially their children, to stay home as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. 

A woman named Ryanlizana Celine Ng-Chan hopes to spread this message online after she revealed on Facebook last night that she was the mother of one of Singapore’s youngest patients, one-year-old Aldrina Prawesti, aka case No. 759. Ng also called out parents who lamented having to care for their children due to school closures starting Wednesday, and for continuing to take their kids to playgrounds amid the outbreak. 

“I didn’t want to share (and I’m putting this on public so y’all can share all you want and warn all parents out there) but reading a lot of parents complain about having to spend the whole month with their child/children, I want to put a tape over their mouths. Be thankful your child/children is/are not confined to [the four] walls in a hospital,” Ng wrote in her now-deleted Facebook post that was previously shared more than 5,000 times. She had included in the post a photo of her daughter appearing in pain while medical workers drew blood from her left arm. 

“This is my daughter, getting her [second] blood test. If this image doesn’t wake you up and still want to have one last hurrah, I hope they bury you in the longkang [drain] at Semakau island,” she added, referring to Singapore’s landfill. 



Regarding parents going to playgrounds, she said: “If y’all are still letting your child/children run around playgrounds while [you’re] sitting there watching them & chit chat with other parents, IS IT YOU WANT TO START NEW PLAYGROUND CLUSTER?”

At the end of her post, she urged readers to follow her daughter’s journey to recovery on her Instagram account @roboteatsgrannies, which also links to a separate account created for her daughter.

According to the Ministry of Health, Ng’s daughter tested positive on March 27 and was admitted to the National University Hospital. Having recently visited France, where more than 90,000 people have been infected, the ministry classified her daughter as an imported case. 

A few have criticized the family for traveling to the European country amid spikes of reported infections in the area. 

In reacting to this, Ng shut critics down for their purported attempt to divert the topic. 

“The post wasn’t for you to decide for us what’s right and wrong. It wasn’t for you to ignite a blame game,” she wrote in a separate post. 

Meanwhile, others have posted words of encouragement for Ng. 

“Hi Celine, sending you, your family and baby girl loads of loves and strength. Pray that all will turn out well and there’ll be the warmest sunshine after this storm[.] Take care!” Facebook user Mint Leong said. 

Another named Kyky Genieve thanked Ng and her family for taking appropriate actions after returning to Singapore from Europe. 

“Thank you for being responsible for 1) staying home when you landed 2) getting yourself tested although you only had sore throat. There is a spread because the others [didn’t] do what you did,” she wrote.

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