Singapore vs World Cup teams: Population Edition

Singaporeans are resting up this weekend so they can stay up late for this Sunday’s big final between former champs France and underdog Croatia.

Through so many sleepless nights, we’ve consumed World Cup matches like there’s no tomorrow, whether it be at home, at bars, or community centers nationwide. A spokesperson from People’s Association said that when all is said and done, they expect 600,000 viewers to watch matches at community centers nationwide.

Not having a horse in the race — or a team in the Cup — has not stopped us from going crazy all summer for big favorites like England, Brazil, Spain, and South Korea. 

We may be the Little Red Dot, but did you know that five of the 32 countries that sent (competent) teams to Russia this year actually have a smaller population than we do? 

Click here to test out your knowledge on population sizes.

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