Singapore DJ says no ‘preferential treatment’ at airport park despite improper footwear

Lim Peifen and son at the Snow Walk. Photo: Lim Peifen/Facebook
Lim Peifen and son at the Snow Walk. Photo: Lim Peifen/Facebook

A Singaporean radio DJ called out for being allowed into an airport park despite her son’s lack of appropriate footwear has shut down accusations of preferential treatment.

Lim Peifen of Y.E.S. 93.3 said yesterday she was aware that she and her son were wearing open-toe sandals at the Snow Walk at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park earlier this month but said other visitors were also allowed in despite wearing improper footwear too. 

We saw other children in queue with their parents, and they were allowed entry to the Snow Walk with their open-toe sandals. When it was our turn to take the walk, we asked whether our shoes were ok. We were given the ok to go. There was no preferential treatment, nor did we insist on any,” Lim wrote in a statement yesterday.

Lim’s response came a week after disgruntled parent Kailin Ng took issue with airport staff for denying her son entry due to his open-toe sandals after learning about Lim’s visit on Facebook. A photo showed Lim and her son at the park, with her feet wrapped with protective covers while Luke’s were not.  

Brought my excited Aden along, but was denied entry to this part of the park, ‘the snow walk,’ due to improper footwear. Aden was wearing sandals,” Ng wrote Dec. 3. Her post included the photo of Lim and son, but with their faces covered with emoticons and a circle drawn around Luke’s feet. 

She went on to ask whether it was an uneven application of the rules.

“What baffles me is not that such footwear is not allowed to the walk, but the very next couple of days this picture of Singapore celebrity DJ was posted and her son was allowed entry for the very reason why Aden was not allowed,” she wrote. “Are rules not strictly followed? Or are rules only for the common folks?”

Ng’s post was shared hundreds of times and drew comments from others who echoed her speculation of biased treatment. 

She later accepted the airport’s explanation that the inconsistencies were caused by “oversight” by employees there, and that the “silicon wrap” seen on Lim’s feet had been introduced as a safety precaution.

I have also accepted that explanation and will not pursue further since I do understand that that part of the canopy walk was new & also temporary. The silicone wrap was also later introduced as part of a safety precaution to those wearing sandals so that more people could also enjoy that part of the walk,” Ng wrote in the comments.

“Although I do feel a little puzzling that the celebrity in question did have a silicon cover over her sandals while her son did not but was both allowed in. Kinda feel like it’s not an oversight, rather a safety lapse,” she added. 

Update by Kailin Ng

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